Why a Children's Museum?


We believe that the Fredericksburg area deserves a...

Safe, inspiring, stimulating and centrally located facility that all children of our community can benefit from and be challenged by;

Place that can become the cornerstone for educational activities in our area;

Place that children are excited to visit;

Place that is open year round and that doesn't require committing to a weekly & scheduled class and having to pay fees months in advance to attend;

Place to go for as little or as long as you want with no set start and stop times;

Place where a child can experience uninterrupted self-directed play with his/her primary caregiver to enhance their attachment to one another;

Place to go in the cold winter months or on a rainy day.

A place where children can meet, interact with and learn from other children;

Place where no one is judged or graded:

A Place that is accessible to all members of the community and where all cultures can interact together;

Place our children can call their own.